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Middle East Research Paper Topics You Can Use

If you are a student and your studies or maybe a course are connected with the region of Middle East, you are sure to face one day or another the necessity to write a research paper on the Middle East.

The region is extremely important and diverse, the role of the ME countries in global society should not be underestimated, and besides, it has a rich history and a complex politics.

The Abundance of Middle East Topics

The topics for research about the ME region may be variable. You can choose to investigate some past events or incidents which took place in the previous centuries or analyze the complex politics of the region in modern times. Unfortunately, the Middle East is at present often referred to in the context of wars, conflicts or terrorism issues.

However, one should not forget that the Middle East is absolutely fascinating region and has a diverse culture. In fact, it encompasses four distinct cultural areas and each of them is worth special attention.

As you can see from the Middle Eastern topics for research overview the list of them may be almost limitless. Each and every aspect of the life in the area is exciting and grabbing attention, that’s why we prepared the list of essay and research papers topics prompts to help you find your inspiration and the very topic you are interested in.

Middle East topics research papers on history can be written on:


– Why did Jews start to settle down in Palestine? 

– What was the effect of war in the Middle East? 

– How did Turkey manage to stay unaffected during the Second World War? 

– What gave the start to the conflict in Palestine? 

– Why is the refugee problem in ME overgrowing? 

– What made Saudi Arabia a leader in the region? 

– How does Turkey adopt both Islamic and Western values and why? 

– What is the historical role of the USA in introduction, development, maintaining and disrupting democratic processes in ME region? 

– Why did the Ottoman Empire collapse? 

– How and when did the Middle East political disputes begin? 

Research papers topics in the field of middle east culture: 

– How does culture in the East teach to treat women and children? 

– What is the connection between Muslim culture and terrorism? 

– The vision of the family in the context of local ME cultures. 

– Why is the Middle East considered the cradle of civilizations? 

– Why did the Great Pyramid of Egypt manage to stay undamaged over the centuries? 


Actually, there are several kinds of written research assignments. While research papers demand on part of the student more investigation of the sources and conclusions, which can be made after that the essays are more focused on the analyses of a certain topic.

Social and political aspects are always the breeding ground for such kind of written studies. The following ideas will help you a bit to find your own way around while creating your written work.

Middle east essay topics in the field of Politics:


– How did each of ME ethnic groups try to gain political leadership in the countries of the region? 

– How did migration work with the Middle East? 

– Which 3 outstanding demographic changes can be singles out in the last half a century? 

– Are the Unfair in their relations with the Middle East? 

– Do women fight for equal rights in the Middle Eastern countries? 


Keep in mind that to create a proper essay or a research work it’s not simply enough to choose a topic and investigate it. You should follow certain standards and guidelines on how to write the educational assignments you get. A good research paper should contain lots of facts, research data, and evidence and support your point of view. Each reader should be able to find some new information in your piece of writing, so it’s essential to be research oriented.

While an essay often has a standard 5 paragraph structure, where you provide an introduction with your main theses statement, main body with the evidence supporting it and conclusion, the research paper should have a more complicated structure. The general outline of the work is usually provided in the presentation, which is followed by an introduction with a working hypothesis, like for instance, the following: Islam religion influences Meddle Eastern regional politics. Then you share your research experience, methodologies, strategies and the findings you’ve come up to in the middle of your work. The conclusion section also sums up the ideas of your research paper, often referring back to the initial hypothesis.

We have selected all the above example topics keeping in mind that they are easily expandable to create a proper essay and a research paper as well. So having studied them carefully, you can come up with a unique written assignment on the Middle East, which will definitely impress your professor.