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Useful Tips for Writing an Outstanding Proposal


You have an idea and want to propose it to others? Or you achieve a task to describe the solutions to a research problem? The proposal paper is will help you to convince people with your opinion. It does not matter whenever you are studying or working – life is full of proposals.

But it is not that easy to write such type of paper, it requires a lot of practices. But with understanding the structure of proposal, it becomes easier . It will demonstrate your idea clearly and produce the desired result of influence on people.

Read through these items before you start writing.

1. Structure

This item is one of the most crucial for the proposal. Because the format will help you to express your thoughts in the logical order and easier way to read through.


Here should be a short and specific line which present your thesis and make the person want to read ahead. Do not forget – it is not the introduction for proposal, it is only the title.


Hit the target here – the explanation why the audience should be interested in your topic.

It also should consist of the problem and write about its history. Your text will be read by different people. That is why provide a general introduction to the subject to make your audience informed with the topic. Then write shortly about benefits which will be achieved after the realization of the idea.


The body paragraphs consist a lot of information, and it is needed to divide it into the logical fragments:

  • Proposal 
  • The plan or project 
  • Desired outcomes 
  • Resources needed 


Now we will present you the description of each fragment and explain how to present your material plain and simple.

– proposal

Only your proposal statement should be here, no details about actions and benefits. Usually, 3-4 sentences are enough to explain what exactly you want to do, but if you needmore, it is under your decision. The brevity is the soul of wit.

– action

The part where the most important information of the whole paper is concentrated. Do not be shy or insecure about what you are writing here because it should be a detailed presentation of actions. The usage of the bullet paragraphs(with circles, asterisks, numbers, dashes) are applicable and even necessary. Each paragraph presents one action and its description. The only thing about granularity – no boring or describing every single part of the process(no one wants to read how the computer works). Your audience should achieve the reasonable and understandable explication.

After providing this information, it is an excellent tone to read through and think about which potential problems could appear during each action and how to avoid or overcome them. Present the alternative solutions. The anticipating shows that you have worked hard through the topic and weighted all risks.

Create one more paragraph about why your proposal will work. You may consider the experience in similar questions or analyze hypothetically.

– outcome

You should add here the goals of your suggestion. Again it is a great idea to use here bullet formatting. It makes the overall picture of the document more comfortable to read and look at, pointing the main message with bullets.

– resources

Present a table or diagrams, where you show which resources are needed for realization from time to amount of money.


Here do the overall look through the whole body paragraph. Do not add any additional(especially important) information here. If you have it, include it in the main part.

Literature review

One more important part where you should mention all resources which you have used to prepare this paper: websites, articles, books if you use any.

2. Aim

The two points: the definition of the research problem and the answer. The problem part should describe the sphere in which you have to find any lack or in which you want to add any improvements. The answer could be presented in different forms from a detailed solution to the hypothetical or thoughtful suggestion of what to do next, some directions for future research.

3. Audience

Do not forget that your paper will be read by the decision-makers, who usually do not have bags of time and expect to see a new idea, which is clearly described in the paper.That means your thought should be detailed and thoughtful without any doubts and obscure proposals.

4. Content

Such type of paper requires you to do considerable research before writing: through live detailed observations and reading articles and books about similar topics and ideas.

5. Tone

You need to pursue someone that your idea is the successful one through the paper. And your lifesaver here is the tone of the writing. It should be moderately formal and encouraging but do not be overfriendly and no hesitation to offer suggestions, it is the primary purpose of your paper. Remind yourself to focus on your thoughts about the problem and explain them in politenot arguing way( no criticizing or complaining about your readers).

6. Language

Do not be scared of using complex and short sentences together. Your language should be live and active, but not too simple. Avoid the rhetorical questions and expressivemeans, your writing is not a work of art.


– provide only up to the research question information 

– stay focused with this particular proposal 

– reread the action part, you should present a coherent and persuasive argument for each action 

– do not be obsessed with the minor issues. The major ones are way more important for your suggestion. 

– be precise and not the overall