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Rogerian Essay Topics

Let assume that you are getting the assignment to write a Rogerian essay, not like a home task but directly during the lesson. Most likely it is not the first essay in your life and you have handled a lot of different essay types before, but what about Rogerian one? Have you ever learned about it? What to write in such an essay? You could even write it once without any guess that it was the topic that falls within the category of the Rogerian essay. Sounds intriguing? Read this article and be ready to show your erudition and cope with this task easily at any time.

What is the meaning of the Rogerian Essay?

The sense of this task is in point of fact quite simple. You have to present some controversial problem but more diplomatically than in a usual argumentative essay. In this kind of writing, you have not just give your opinion and vision of the problem but also leave some space for counterarguments, invite your readers to debate. It is meant that you admit the existence of the other points of view and possible solutions that may differ from yours.

The name of this type of an essay is based on the name of American psychologist of XX century Carl Rogers. He believed that the only effective way to an understanding between people is laid through the negotiations. Such an approach allows people to build diplomatic relationships and do not be egocentric. The Rogerian essay does not have an aim to define a winner and a loser. Here there is no the only right person, everyone is right in his own way. But sharing your arguments and taking into consideration the arguments of your opponent you open your mind and learn to be not overly categorical.

How to choose a reasonable Rogerian Essay Topic?

The choice of the topic is one of the most responsible steps in the whole task. It must concern quite a serious issue that may cause different opinions, thoughts, attitudes, arguments, and variants of potential solutions. The topic of your writing must attract the attention and be captivating enough to provoke the readers to define and support their vision of the problem. Even if the readers do not communicate with the author through the writing, the text is considered as a strong one when it causes a desire to argue.

According to the purpose of this type of academical writing task, the author and reader should strive to find common ground. For this reason, try to choose a topic that makes sense and is useful to discuss for both sides. Looking for the perfect suitable topic to write a Rogerian essay, you may get inspired by the list of prepared by us possible ideas or even save your time and use one of them.


1. The gun legalization helps citizens to protect themselves against the street attacks. 

2. The gun legalization causes the increase of criminality in a society. 

3. The sex change surgery is a great human sin. 

4. Every person has a right to decide the sex of his own body. 

5. The citizens should be allowed to vote in the National Election from the age of 16 years. 

6. The limits in the age of National Election Voters should not be changed. 

7. Smoking of Marihuana should be legally forbidden. 

8. Smoking of Marihuana should not be considered as a crime. 

9. The abortion should be legally allowed only in critical for life situations. 

10. The woman should be allowed to abort the pregnancy. 

11. The same-sex marriages are against the human norm. 

12. The same-sex marriages forbiddance is not humane. 

13. The Artificial Intelligence is one of the most beneficial inventions of people. 

14. The Artificial Intelligence is one of the most dangerous inventions of people. 

15. The marriages at the age of 16 should be allowable. 

16. The marriages at the age of 16 should be banned. 

17. The durable hunger brings harm to the human’s body. 

18. The durable hunger has a curative effect on the human’s body. 

19. Parents should give the teenagers possibility to take serious decisions on their own. 

20. Parents should not give the teenagers possibility to take serious decisions on their own. 

21. The usage of electronic devices in the educational institutions should be obligatory. 

22. The usage of electronic devices in the educational institutions should be optional. 

23. The especially grave crimes deserve the Death Penalty. 

24. Even especially grave crimes do not deserve the Death Penalty. 

25. The organ transplantation can give the life for many people. 

26. The organ transplantation can take the life of many people. 

27. The man should have a leading position in a family. 

28. The woman may have a leading position in a family. 

29. The Lottery is a game of chance that should be legally permitted. 

30. The Lottery is a game of chance that should be legally banned. 


Simple useful Tips for Rogerian Essay writing

1. Use neutral language 

Just having chosen a Rogerian essay topic you already may have some strong arguments in your mind. But be careful with them because powerful words can be painful for another person. Express your opinion but select as much mild wording as possible. Be diplomatic and leave some space for reasonable debate.

2. Take a position 

Striving for flexibility and neutral lexis, do not lose your personal position. Your arguments should be reasonable and persuasive. The topic of the Rogerian essay is quite provocative and captivating, so try to write the text corresponding to it. Do not be shrewd but also do not lose the heat.

3. Keep in focus the common ground 

This small aspect plays an important role and is a distinctive feature of a Rogerian essay in opposite the conventional argumentative piece. Expressing your own emotions and explaining your judgments try to take a general look at the situation. Work on developing a comprehensive vision of problems and you will notice more ways of their solutions. Do not be afraid to debate and remember that truth is born of arguments.