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How to Write Personal Statement for Graduate School

Some professional colleges demand some personal statement as part of the application. A personal statement for graduate school is a piece of writing submitted as part of graduate school application in which the applicant states their academic interests. A personal statement is an opportunity for admission committee to get to know who you are, your own goals, what you will probably bring into the program and what you are expecting to receive out of the program. The personal statement, therefore, is an excellent opportunity to show essential things about you, which do not appear wherever in your application

What makes a good personal statement?

Gradual school personal statements can be written in many styles and formats. However, a good graduate school personal statement ought to have the following elements

Clearstory: a good graduate school personal statement should communicate the message concerning what makes you a worthy applicant.

Good match: An excellent personal statement describes as to why you are fit for the program and alternatively why the program is right for you. It explains specific aspects of the program that is very appealing to you and how you will probably maximize on those advantages.

Solid writing: it is vital that your statement shows strong writing skills. A good personal statement should be able to send the message and should be free from grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Suitable boundaries: powerful graduate school statement maybe personal. However, it is essential to take control not to share too much personal information such as relationships in your essay. Do not share anything relating to your body and that might bring a picture that you are out of control

The following are essential tips to write good graduate school personal statements:

  • Attract the attention of the readers on the first statements

Begin your first sentence with compelling statements that grab attention on the first sight. This will probably help in attracting the attention of the reader to go through the r remain part of your graduate statement. If the first statement is empty, the reader may develop attitude from the beginning and thus limit your chances of qualifying.

  • Articulate motives for selecting your choice career

Even though the graduate schools essays are known as a personal statement, treat it as an essay about your journey as a developing scholar. Give evidence which shows that you are sure that taking the course applied will help you achieve the identified goals. Describe various professor, projects and research studies which have motivated your aspirations. It is very advisable to show your knowledge by giving reference to most current debates. However, keep in mind that excessive political and religious rhetorics may be annoying.

  • Be specific

Maintain focus on your academic disciplines and give discrete examples. What experiences precisely motivated your aspiration? Why exactly do you think that enrolling in the graduate school will help you achieve your goals?

  • Be sincere

Whatever the reason you might have for applying at the graduate school, always maintain sincerity. Honestly identify and highlight worthy and essential things that attracted you to the course or the graduate school but do not exaggerate. Keep in mind that most of your competitors are likely to mention almost similar features and therefore if you exaggerate you may look disingenuous.

  • Describe your professional inters more so their relationship to research

If you can determine other members of the faculty with interest similar to yours, importantly show your desire to work with them. A committee member is likely to be amazed when you when you show interest in research in their faculties. However, it is essential to keep your attention quite broad so that your ability to work with other professors is not questionable.

  • Show your drive and ability to be successful

Graduates school would want to select a student who will also couple as their ambassadors. It is essential to convince them that you will have a positive contribution to the image of the graduate school through and after your program. Offer them tangible examples of publications, work experiences which show your compassion.

  • Proofread your essay

Any grammatical and spelling mistakes in your article show you writing abilities. It is critical to ensure that your essay is flawless. Ensure that you have proofread your essay. Use correct sentences structures and professional language. You may have a colleague or even a professor critique your essay in advance.

  • Enjoy the writing process

You are trying to portray yourself to the damson committees. Try to show your sincere interest in the course you are applying for. What abo show what about the direction you find challenging and what makes you excited.

  • Personal statement outline

The structure of a personal statement is likely to vary based on the requirements of the school. Each learning institution has specific needs in a personal essay. However, despite the variance, own graduate statements are expected to give a short piece of between 250 – 500 words. The essay must:

• Provide an exciting, eye-catching primer, a fetching middle part, and conclusion
• Offer introduction which works as a basis for the remaining portion of your statement with the main body of your statement expressing details about your interest as well as knowledge and experiences
• Use short sentences of between 25- 30 words
• Make use of heading where necessary to break up contents in a way that makes it easy to understand your point in a particular area.

Contents of a personal statement

In a personal statement, the applicant should show the admission aboard their commitment, dedication and the drive for studying a particular course they are applying for. The personal statement should therefore include:

• Resilient intentions detailing why you are interested in exploring the specific direction asked for in that learning institution whether it is because of the career growth or because of the reputation of the learning institution.
• Identify relevant study such as projects’ or work experiences possessed that relate to the particular course applied
• Give evidence of essential skills possessed such as research writing. Time management and indicate how you can contribute to the department using such skills
• Indicate what makes you unique as a student
• Show what may be your significant influence and why
• Explain your aspiration in relating to your career and show how the course may be useful to help you achieve your career aspirations.


Maintain objectivity by writ straightforwardly to communicate your experiences
Develop conclusion which explains the significance of your experiences. Base the conclusions on the life evidence provided.
• Document your completion with specific instances
• Get straight to the point to catch the attention of the admission board
• Limit the strengths of the personal statement to two pages not unless otherwise.


• List your achievements because they tell nothing about you.
• Lecture the audience