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What is the environmental essay?

The tendency of struggling with the environmental issues increases every year. We consume lots of goods, use cars in the enormous amount, kill animals to get the meat or for fun – all these things are the basement of the environmental instability. That is why appears a lot of researches on such topics, especially among the students, who write essays about the environment. The type of the essays can be different – from the descriptive to contrast and compare. But all of them have the same features of theme disclosure:

– pre-research

Considering that the topics of such essays are usually special, you can’t write such paperwork without doing the research. There are a bunch of resources, which you can use – the Interner, books, scientific journals. You will find a lot of information about your topic, do not forget to make notes and create the outline of your essay.

– including other subjects

The second feature is that environmental problems connected to other spheres of studies, like physics, biology, and chemistry. That’s why you need to be prepared and understand how different processes go in different subjects and how to use it effectively in your research.

– critical thinking

The last but not the least is the author’s ability of critical thinking. Why is it necessary? Because it will help to structure the thoughts and choose only the most appropriate information.

Here we have prepared for you a list of topics which you can use for the environmental research paper.



1. How to use the alternative energy in the daily life? 

2. Who should take care of the air pollution? 

3. Is it important to have energy conservation? 

4. If we don’t stop the deforestation, our planet will have problems with the biodiversity. 

5. Discuss the government impact on protecting the animal from hunting. 

6. Should the big companies be responsible for the garbage which they produce? 

7. How do the natural disasters affect people lives? 

8. How does the climate change connected to the deforestation? 

9. People should not forget the Chernobyl disaster: the consequences of the explosion. 

10. Should we have countries’ quotes for the water usage? 

11. How to explain people the environmental issue with the nuclear power? 

12. Why are we still using the atomic power station? 

13. Discuss the ideas of creating fully clean public transport. 

14. Should the car drivers pay more taxes every year? 

15. Who is responsible for the climate change?



The pollution

The number of cars which use the petrol has an upward trend, even considering the fact that we have cars with the alternative fuel. The more automobiles and factories we have, more polluted the air and the Earth. But it is not the only pollution problem; there are lots of them: noise issues, water and soil pollution and others.

  1. The process of destroying the environment with the fossil fuel and coal.
  2. Describe the methods which will help to control the pollution.
  3. Why do we have the greenhouse gases and how to avoid them?

The garbage

There are still people who don’t believe that if we don’t stop producing and consuming such big amount of goods, our planet becomes one full rubbish bin and we will live inside it. One more problem with this theme is that we usually burn or bury the garbage, which is not helping us at all and in this way we pollute the air, forests, oceans, and lakes even more.

    1. Should the government pay attention to how the garbage is reduced?
    2. How does the overpopulation affect the amount of rubbish?
    3. The big city center and the garbage recycling plant: pros and cons.

The poor sanitation

If someone still thinks that the poor sanitation could not exist in the 21 century, he should stop. Because of this problem the world child and adult mortality is still growing, people do the defecating outside in front of everyone, and it also creates lots of illnesses which should not exist at all.

  1. Describe the disease which exists because of the poor sanitation.
  2. How does our organism react on the unclean water?
  3. What can we do to protect women organisms from the bad hygiene?

The climate change

This topic is inextricably linked to the global warming. During the past decades, the overall temperature has risen, and the glaciers started the melting process. It can result in the land flooding and the change of the continents’ position.

  1. How the global warming affects your daily life?
  2. How the rising of the sea level effects the sea creatures?
  3. If there are any connections between changing the periods of rain during the year and the global warming?

The animal protection

One of the most popular themes of the recent years. Every day millions of animals are killed, and the same amount takes part in the experiments of the cosmetics and other products. It greatly affects the biological diversity of the animals world and proves the people’ lasciviousness.

  1. How to protect left endangered animal species?
  2. Biodiversity is on the brink of extinction.
  3. What can we use to test new products and do not touch the animals with it?


  • how using the recycled products help with the garbage problem
  • are alternative fuels that safe as everybody says
  • the usage of pesticides: pros and cons
  • should it be any fines for wearing the clothes from the genuine leather
  • should we take any resources from the forest
  • will land degradation cause infertility
  • what is the food security
  • should people be prosecuted for the illegal hunting of animals
  • how do the gas stations affect the quality of the soil
  • do the vegetarians help the world or ruin the plants’ biodiversity