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How to Write an Impeccable Personal Statement for College Application

Before one starts drafting a personal statement, it is imperative to keep in mind that the personal statement is the most critical and equally crucial part of the admission application process.

The personal statement on college application offers the applicant the opportunity to bring to the fore their qualifications, accomplishments, engagements, and achievements in the most compelling way possible. Since the rest of the components of the application process are typically out of the applicant’s control – the test scores and recommendation letters – the personal statement is the applicant’s only chance to distinguish themselves from the rest of the pool of applicants. It, therefore, goes without saying that the applicant has to take time to carefully ponder on what to write about in their personal essay.

Usually, the applicant is required to write the college application essay on a specific theme. Nevertheless, the focus of the personal statement is on the applicant. The general format of the college personal statement is that the writer writes using key events from their personal life.

The general personal statement outline and answering the question, “What is a personal statement?”

What is a personal statement format? Generally, the personal statement format requires that one uses events from their personal life and apply what they have learned in their education career to put together a compelling and riveting narrative. The personal statement format for college is rather simple. However, most applicants find it difficult on how to start a personal statement for college. To make the process easier, the applicants should ask themselves these questions; what do you, the applicant, care about so much? What gives you the intense inner drive?

Through the personal statement for college application, the applicant should show that they can think both critically and creatively. The primary attraction to the applicant’s essay is the quality of the writer’s insightfulness. What is your perspective of the world? What happenstances in the past have shaped your perspective?

Needless to mention, it is crucial for the author to be honest and sincere in their essay. Most applicants usually write on what they feel could be striking to an admissions committee and forget to write what they genuinely care about. Admission officers can effortlessly tell between an honestly written essay and one that has been convicted with a litany of false impressions just to please them.

The Most Commonly Used Personal Statement Topics for College

Personal statements encompass a wide range of subjects. Here are some personal statement topics for college you are most likely to encounter:

  • The description of a significant achievement or experience in the applicant’s life
  • Discussion of an issue that the applicant finds important to them
  • The description of a figure that the applicant considers influential to them
  • Explanation why the school or program the applicant is applying to is the right for them

The basic outline for writing a personal statement

Instead of plunging directly into the body of the essay and listing one’s all accomplishments, the writer should plan out the essay before writing.

How to start a personal statement for college

When beginning the process of coming up with a personal statement, it should be noted that the essay is basically a very brief highlight of one’s whole life in a few pages. It, therefore, goes without saying that the essay should be written concisely with both effective introductions and conclusions.

The Introductory Part of a Good Personal Statement

In a good personal statement, it is essential for the applicant to give a succinct definition of themselves in the introduction. One should also mention why the school or the program that they are applying to attracts their interest and the reason why they think they are the aptest individual for the opportunity to join the school.

The Body of the Personal Statement Essay for College

A personal statement should never give the impression of the applicant as being egotistical. Therefore, it is essential for the applicant to carefully choose the tone of the essay from the very beginning. This, however, is not to say that the student should not subtly blow their own trumpet. With facts and reasons, back up all your assertions to avoid sounding braggadocios and thus giving the reader a reason to stop reading your essay.

When writing a personal statement, it is essential for one to put more emphasis on the employment and educational background in the body of the essay, and how these experiences played an integral role in molding the individual you’ve grown into. Figure out ways to make illustrations of the value contributed by the employment and educational experiences while providing adequate and detailed information on the experiences in the most interesting way.

In the body of the personal statement, it is important to make a commentary on your present self. Lay more focus on the qualities that you believe give you the best values such as intellectual curiosity, confidence, and the intense determination to be successful. This section of the personal statement should answer questions such as, who one is right now and why they describe themselves as such.

Before completing the body section of the personal statement, you should give the readers a peek into your anticipated future growth in relation to an identified profession that you choose to venture into. It is obvious that you can only have a more accurate forecast of your immediate future than your long-term plans; however, the visualization of your professional engagement in a decade or two from the present time gives an impression of both determination and vision.

After giving a projection into one’s future, it is essential to give a concluding commentary on your essay in brevity. The concluding commentary aids in summarising all the essay’s contents. The completing sentence plays a huge role in leaving a clear overall impression about you to the reader. The impression should be impactful to make the admission committee easily remember the applicant when making admission decisions. Make the conclusion memorable such that when the admission officers read it, they immediately want to admit you to your school or program of interest.

The Conclusion of the Personal Statement

When writing the conclusion for personal essays for colleges, so much is at stake. The conclusion is the writer’s last chance to impress the readers and give them their point of view persuasively. The final impression created by the writer in the concluding part of the college application personal statement leaves a lasting impact on the audience after reading one’s essay. The conclusion, therefore, should express a sense of entirety.