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What is Anthropology Paper?


If this discipline is still vague for you, there are some initial topics to make the subject clear for you:

1. Anthropological theory: human evolution

2. Who are Peru’s Quechua people?

3. Savage, primitive and tribal: Labels and the evolution of perspectives on indigenous people

4. Men and modern cities

5. Women in culture

6. Medical anthropology

7. The influence of culture, health, and illness on human society

8. The global perspective of HIV/AIDs

9. Anthropology and its links to political science

10. The critics of race theory


5 Steps to Write a Good Anthropology Paper

Step-1 Choose your statement

It’s important to understand your position before writing your essay. Plus, choose 3-5 interesting facts you can provide in your paper.

A key thing to remember: we recommend to take two opposing viewpoints as a minimum — keep in mind that professors, teachers and those that hand out the marks will surely take it into attention. Once you have gathered all sources, make some draft or essay plan, it will really save your time. Surely it’s individual: some prefer to write only one draft, but we don’t understand such sparse and spartan style. We’re sure the more drafts you write, the more useful for you.

Step-2 Structure really matters

Even if it’s not your 20th and even not 50th paper in your student life, you need structure. To this thought, even if your paper is 3-4 pages long, it still needs to be structured.

! Keep in mind introduction must present the topic as if one sees anthropology science for the very initial time. You have to present the whole paper in brief showing why the topic is relevant, which opinions will be presented in the paper and what’s the actual goal.

Step-3 Pay attention to the body section

Body is 80% of your article, it’s the most significant part of your essay. You need to understand that all interesting facts and statements should be included in this section.

Keep in mind! Since narration is not the easiest thing in the world, you need to understand that sometimes you could get out of the style, length and on. Thus, we recommend reading your body paragraph every time you have written one more page.

Step-4 Appendix

If you’re writing an essay on math or, say, literature, the appendix does not matter that much. In anthropology feature article it really matters. Are you going to write on Neanderthals? On 4th century BC? Or the theory of Darwin? Tables, images and other perks will surely raise your mark. It helps to demonstrate the ideas of your essay in a clear way and surely adds you advantages superior to other students.

Step-5 Check the grammar and plagiarism

Thanks to the Internet, today we have services like Grammarly which can check the paper in a moment. It’s important to check for any mistakes/mistypes and plagiarism because both will surely lower the mark. Especially plagiarism — papers with any signs of plagiarism just won’t be checked by your professor.

If you’re free to choose topics for your anthropology feature article, we have decided to provide some interesting ones. Look through them, you may find some interesting ideas:

1. Heroes in societies — how are they estimated in different cultures?

2. What stands for human evolution?

3. Aboriginal/native cultures and anthropology

4. Families vs. Gangs

5. Social status and its role

6. Festivals, parties and their role in culture

7. What stands for conflicts in different cultures?

8. The matter of education around the world

9. Migration around the world

10. The role of literature in human development

11. Art and anthropology

12. Health and wellness in various cultures

13. The purpose of IQ around the world: arguing for or against

14. Feminism in the XXI century

15. The emergence of terrorism and perception of it in different cultures

You may choose one of these topics or modify the ones. For instance, if you’re about to take “Feminism in XXI century”, you can talk about the history of feminism or emphasize on some crucial facts that brought feminism to our days and made it popular. Or, say, if you are about to write an anthropology essay on “Health and wellness in various cultures”, you can pay more attention to health in your country and show the general attitude. Do not hesitate to add some interesting facts, issues, images in the Appendix to prove your statement and develop a topic from A to Z.

Aren’t you sure which topic to pick for the anthropology paper? Don’t you ever hesitate to ask your professor about the topic? It goes without mentioning that you should do it long before you actually starting to write your essay.

!Keep in mind that professor is not just a person who’ll be checking the paper, but he or she’s also your mentor who is always here to give you a hand to write a good essay. Writing a decent anthropology essay is really important if you’re about to get your master’s degree as well as if you’re a pupil and it’s your fresh in a high school.

You may choose more provocative topics:

1. Death rituals: difference in various cultures

2. Top 10 differences in growth and development between Asia and USA

3. Roots of racism: causes, races and how to cope with it

4.Genetic engineering

5. What stands for the culture?

6. Marriage rituals in different countries and cultures

7. Beliefs in magic and the supernatural

8. “Ranks” in society (for instance, peasants, royalty, etc.)

9. Myths and its effects on culture

10. What is the role of storytelling in different cultures?

11. Social media and its impact on modern cultures

12. Could anthropology be used as a forensic science?

13. Studying twins in different cultures and throughout time

14. Political organizations in anthropology

15. Top 10 closed societies

If you still have questions on how to write an anthropology essay, read our tips one more time and do not makeup writing a paper as soon as you can. The last but not the least tip we want to provide is to devote 15-30 minutes every day to write an essay. It’s not a good idea to each a pizza at a time, but slice after slice won’t do you a lot of bad.

3 ultimate things you need to know before you start to write an anthropology paper

Even writing a feature article could seem to be easy, you need to know some things to write an essay which will stick in professor’s mind.

1. Always choose proved sources. It goes without mentioning that Wikipedia, infotainment websites provide interesting facts, but they cannot be included in your essay. You must choose only proved and the best sources for your paper. Another frequent question about sources is YouTube. Is it possible to provide links for YouTube? Yes, if video provides scientific information and you can insert some additional links to prove the facts.

2. What’s with the length of an essay? One recommends to ask your professor, but usually, the essay should be between 5 and 14 pages long. Surely it depends on your alma mater, degree and on, but the initial criteria are to meet the criteria of your university. Sticking to all requirements is important and the length is not the last thing you should pay attention.

3. Preparation is the key. Feature article writing could be compared with starting a business: you need to find out about laws from local authorities, you need to make a business plan and it’s desirable to have start-up capital. Essay writing requires the same preparation — take your time, gather all the sources you need, make sure you have organized comfy working place, buy colorful notebooks and pens if it motivates you to work more.

Another thing to keep in mind is to always read your essay twice after you’ve written it. We recommend reading your essay minimum three times. Initially once you’ve done it, read it for the second time a day or two after you’ve completed the whole paper and read your essay one more time before you pass it to your professor.

Good luck with writing an anthropology essay!